Fire Safety and Rescue Services

Saddin has the skills to provide full fire safety operational services to industrial and non-industrial clients. We will provide a tailor-made brigade service to meet the customer needs.…More DetailsFire Safety and Rescue Services

Fire Brigade Services

We offer Private Fire Brigade services to our clients, including trained Fire Fighting Teams equipped with all necessary tools to ensure fast and effective responses to any emergencies.…More DetailsFire Brigade Services

Fire Protection & Safety Solutions

We can draw from a vast library of systems to ensure the highest level of protection and safety from fire emergencies to ensure that the most appropriate solutions…More DetailsFire Protection & Safety Solutions


Welcome to Saddin for Fire Protection Services

About Us

We are a provider of Fire Safety Solutions, including Private Fire Fighting & Rescue Teams, Fire Safety Systems Management, and Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment.

We are a Saudi Entity licensed by the Saudi Arabian General Directorate of Civil Defense / Ministry of Interior to provide Operation of Private Fire and Rescue Teams services.

Our Main Services

  • Private Fire Fighting and Rescue Teams
  • Establishment, Operation and Management of Fire Stations
  • Facility Fire Safety System Inspection, Operations & Maintenance
  • Fire Fighting & Safety Equipment